Safety & Crime.

Everyone can fight crime (by monitoring, observing and reporting, as we are not Police) and contribute to safety in Auasblick.

Safety Tips

  1. Get to know your surroundings and your neighbours this helps identifying unwanted persons in your neighbourhood.
  2. Always be alert don’t always accept that all are in order and that nothing can happen to me,we can all become a target.
  3. When exiting or entering your property day or night, always take notice of cars that are parked at awkward places or driving around slowly and people that are walking or standing around were they should not be, if you suspect anything  suspicious alert police or call your security company.
  4. When entering your property check for.
    1. Damages to you electric fence or that no tampering took place with fence or gate motor
    2. For any unlawful entry to your property like lifted gates,broken windows and doors or anything that are out of its place.If anything are noticed call police or your security company.
  5.  Clear all dense bushes and grass around your property to an extent of up to 3 meters at least, if you are living next to a river bed or an open veld area this will make spotting a suspicious person much        easier and will also help in the event of veld fires to limit damages to your property.
  6.  Light up dark areas of your house were possible and open areas such as riverbeds and un built areas it sometimes help as an deterrent and to spotting suspicious activity much easier
  7. Check that all security measures are in place and working properly at your house,on a regular basis test your alarm,panic button and fence to see if they are working properly and that the signals are received by your security company before testing alarms etc. always first contact your company to say that a test will be performed and afterwards to hear if signal were received and to tell them when testing are done

Interesting Safety Downloads:

Report Crime

3 Steps to report a criminal activity:

  1. Call City Police and /or NamPol and report
    1. Where?
    2. What?
    3. When?
    4. Who?
  2. Call your Armed Response or a general Armed Response company
  3. Do a Member Crime Report on the ABNHW General group.
  4. Do not engage with the criminals yourself. You are NOT Police.